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Thank you for visiting my website and congratulations! The fact that you are here means you're close to finishing your research project and your final thesis!  My name is Hester Nijhoff, I live in Groningen and I am an illustrator and designer. I've built this particular website to showcase some samples of the PhD covers that I have done. If you're interested in a special cover design for your own PhD thesis, please read on!  

Getting to know you

After you’ve contacted me, I'll invite you for a coffee and a chat, so you can explain the general idea of your research project.. (We can also chat over the phone or online, if you prefer). We'll discuss your expectations regarding your cover design. Perhaps there are general things you find inspirational, or elements you'd definitely like to see within your design. No worries if you don’t have any specific ideas at this stage yet. In my experience these research projects in themselves usually provide interesting starting points for a design. 


After this initial meeting, the steps are as follows:

The Standard Deal: €395 (VAT not included)


1. Sketching

A series of rough sketches including specific suggestions concerning colour, font, and layout.

2. Consultation

These sketches of a first proposal for your design will be sent to you by email for feedback.

3. Correction (1)

A second version of the design will be sent to you by mail for your feedback. At this stage we will try to settle on the main layout of your design as well as  the title and text for your cover and  your invitation. 

4. Correction (2)

A final proposal for your design will again be sent to you by email. At this last stage of the process, you check your design meticulously.  Correcting spelling errors and changing minor elements on your design is still possible at this point. 

5. Finishing the process

Documents are prepared for printing. As a client you are responsible for printing: however, if needed, I can contact the printing office  directly to discuss technical details.


Optional Services

  • More correction rounds before finishing the actual process  (€50 per round. VAT not included).

  • Design for the introduction pages for each individual chapter of your thesis  (€100  for 6-8 chapters. VAT not included).

  • Design for a party or dinner invitation based on the cover design  (€75 euros per design. VAT not included)

  • (Scientific) illustrations and/or statistics etc. to enhance the contents of your thesis. (price is negotiable)


​​Contact me for more details.

(Unfortunately, I don't do the layout of the thesis itself.)

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